A Little Video Experiment

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So this week I decided to experiment with the new Flip Mino HD, iMovie '09 and You Tube.  This is a clip of singer-songwriter, Kate Jacobs, and her band (James MacMillan - upright bass, Dave Schramm - guitar and Paul Moschella - percussion) singing one of her original tunes called "55 Dollar Hotel."  I wanted to see how "easy" it was to shoot a little video, edit it and upload it to You Tube.  After many hours of fiddling about, testing out various video conversion programs, experimenting and learning how to do some very basic editing and titles in iMovie '09 I managed to upload this video to You Tube.  The last part of this assignment was to see how easy it was to embed this video into my blog.  Note that taking the embed video code from the You Tube site did not work so I checked out Drupal modules and found a nice module called googtube which converts the url links from You Tube into the proper embedded video code.  Gotta love those open source programmers.  Let the results speak for themselves.

The moral of this story is that no matter "how easy" something may be purported to be, you must always allow for the "learning curve" part of the equation.  I feel much more informed now but I could also say, that's about a day and a half of my life I will never get back.....:-) Enjoy the video.  It's one of my favorite new tunes.
P.S. - When I enabled googtube, I momentarily (whew) trashed the input filters on some of my main pages which caused them to no longer display my pages properly.  The second moral of this story is always have a backup copy of your site.  Add about 45 minutes of panic and stupidity to this idle, foray into videoland, merely out of curiosity.

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