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Services Provided


Programs Supported

  • CiviCRM
  • CSCI (S/38- AS/400 product)
  • Crystal Reports
  • DonorPerfect Online
  • Drupal
  • Enterprise/CS®
  • Kintera
  • Fundmaster
  • Paradigm
  • PIDI (Public Interest Data, Inc.)
  • Raiser's Edge®
  • Team Approach
  • Microsoft Access

Business Process Analysis

Why does it take 2 weeks to process a gift through the system and generate an acknowledgment?  How can I be using the software and the staff that support it more effectively?  What improvements can be made to my current processes?

We analyze and document business processes (paper or paperless) that surround and feed the fundraising system to determine the following: where information flow is breaking down; what processes are dependent upon the existing system and organizational structure and what processes can be refined and improved. (back to top)

Reorganization & Management Consulting

Do I really need a new fundraising system?  Is my staff trained fully on the proper use of the system? Am I communicating with and availing myself of my other internal resources, i.e., other departments such as Finance and IT, volunteers, etc.?

We can help you answer these fundamental questions by analyzing the existing departmental and organizational structure to determine whether a technology solution is appropriate.  We assess the staff requirements to support your system needs - create org charts, job descriptions, case arguments, etc. (back to top)

RFP (Request for Proposal) Creation

How do I make the software vendors work for me?  How do I narrow down the search field when reviewing software vendors?  What can I do to prepare myself for the software demo?

An RFP (Request for Proposal) is the best way to make the software vendors work for you. This document is usually created as a tool to weed out vendors when researching new software. It contains a system requirements summary and any institution-specific requirements. A software vendor should be able to respond to all of your questions intelligently in your terminology not theirs. (back to top)

Project Management

Help!! It’s the end of year and I need to de-dupe and combine 5 different mailing lists and create 5 test segments for my year-end renewal mailing!! Or we have an important board retreat coming up and I have no statistical and financial reports!!  Or I really need someone to manage the conversion so I can do my regular job!!

At times you need to get a specific project done and you don’t have the resources to manage it from within the organization. We can manage all types of projects supporting your fundraising goals and deadlines. (back to top)

Software Selection

How do I find the right software for my organization?  Why shouldn’t I use MS-Access to design my own database?  Can I make better use of what I already have?

We can help you test and evaluate software packages and make an informed decision based on your specific needs. We also analyze and compare your current system to your needs to assess whether you can be making better use of what you already have.
NOTE: We strongly recommend against writing your own software to handle your general fundraising needs.  There are enough solutions on the market today that should satisfy 85% of your needs without trying to become a software programmer yourself.  (back to top)

Data Mapping, Conversion & Code Creation

Now that I’ve found the perfect software, where do I put all of this data?  How do I discern the good data from the bad data?  How do I keep the database healthy once I’ve converted and completed my cleanup tasks?

We analyze the data in your current system and help you decide where it should be converted to in your new system.  We convert the data from your old system into the new system.  If you decide to let your software vendor convert your data, we can manage the relationship with your software vendor in order to make sure that they do not overlook anything.

We help you create data entry rules and database maintenance routines to keep your database healthy.

We guide you in creating a proper database code structure based upon your organization's needs to enable you to produce the reports that you need to do your job.  (back to top)

Database Cleanup

What do I do with all of these with duplicate records in my database?  I have 3 databases that I need to match and reconcile against each other.

How do I do that?  What should I do with these old records without gifts in the database?

Whether it’s duplicate records or bad data from a conversion or just orphaned records, we can help you clean up the mess. With over 20 years of experience scrutinizing mailing lists from the tri-state area, you can be sure we can spot many problems that others cannot. (back to top)

Mailing List Selection & Management

I’ve never dealt with an outside list vendor before. How is that done?  I want to get prospects from within the organization.  Where do I start?  Now that I have a database, how do I target the best prospects for my mailing?

From helping you strategize and think through your mailing efforts to selecting the data, printing the letters, working with the vendors in-house or out-of-house, we help you through all of the stages required to launch a successful fundraising campaign. (back to top)

Customized Report Writing

Why can’t I get the canned report to sort the way I want it to?  Can I modify the format of a canned report?  What if the canned reports do not serve my needs?

Typically, every software package comes with a set of canned reports which have varying degrees of usefulness according to the needs of the organization.

Inevitably, you will want to modify an existing report or write a whole new report.  We can provide custom-report writing solutions within the fundraising software; in MS-Access or in Crystal Reports. (back to top)


I've been here for 2 years and all I know how to do is lookup a record!  How do I get a decent report from our system?

Sometimes your current system is perfectly capable of suiting your needs and all you need is to be properly trained on it.  We can assess the skill level of your staff and create a training course or solution to get you to where you want to be.  (back to top)

Website Design & CMS Management

Are you looking to revamp your website?  Add interactive features such as blogging; forums; event registration; membership management?
Trying to figure out how to get your offline and online systems on the same page?

We are very excited to announce the launch of a new service supported by an open source solution called Drupal.  Please contact us for more information. (back to top)